Monday, May 11, 2009

Pop-up TV Cabinet (Video Clip)

Well, I bought an old vintage cabinet on Craigslist for about $30. I then took the whole thing apart, cut down the shelves to half length, re-enforced the bottom, sanded the whole thing it, painted it, and cut a huge hole in the top. I put the top of the cabinet on a hinge and started to build two sets of brackets. I attached a 48" linear actuator (w/ 50-pound capacity) to a metal bracket that I made, added two gas springs to smooth the motion and ease the weight of my 46" TV. I hooked the actuator leads to an automobile remote control/entry system and set the system to sustainable switches. I wired the limit sensors to the back end of the top cabinet swing hinge to detect when the actuator had extended to the edge of the cabinet. Most of the electronics were bought from Fergelli.

This video is of the first test-run, one of the shocks on the right wasn't lubricated enough, kinda scared me when it holds up an expensive TV. Unfortunately, this is video is the only footage I have of it, since I took it apart soon after realizing this was not at all necessary for a dorm room, was annoyingly loud with the weight load and brackets, and the fact that it would be incredibly difficult to transport.

Planned and finished the project in 3 days, took it apart 3 days later.

1 46" TV, 1 $30 vintage cabinet, 1 48" linear actuator, 2 gas springs, 4 sliding brackets, 1 gallon of paint, 1 car-remote system.

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