Friday, May 29, 2009

Random "Art" Projects

I was cleaning up my files and came across a lot of random art stuff I did. Thought I would just have one big post about a bunch of the random works I did this past academic year. Nothing special, just wanted to archive some of my hoodie designs and paintings:

Canvas Work (Paint):

Clothing Designs:

One of the old hoodies I made. I wish I still had some pictures of the dozens of hoodies I sold, I thought some of them were really cool.

The inside of Noel's hoodie (two layer spray)

Shirt I made for KD

The only low-quality, photo of the new, and unfinished, Spray Drop Hoodie designs. My initials "KTY" make random appearances on the back.
This is one of a series of hoodie designs based on a character I came up with. I have a few of these designs on a layout, but I got too lazy to print them, and I could never decide on the background pattern to lay this on.


The first real picture I took of my car

40 of the 60 records that I spray painted and did some splatter trails on for my room.

The black light bar in my room. I filled four of the larger clear handles with various UV reactive fluid to make the bar glow green, yellow, and blue with the black light I put behind the bar.

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