Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remote Control Home Theater Projector Mount (R.C.H.T.P.M.)

School has been keeping me pretty busy, but I managed to do a spontaneous mini project last night. I am, of course, in the middle of finals week, but there is always time for random creative inspiration between the hours of 1:30am and 8:00am.

I still had a couple linear actuators and an old broken car remote system laying around, so I decided to build a mount for my projector. My room is already capable of using half of north campus' energy (That is, if I left everything on, but I don't), so I didn't want to put up the projector unless I was doing something original with it. Sooooo, I finally got the idea to build my own Remote Control Home Theater Projector Mount (R.C.H.T.P.M.)... trust me, the original name was a paragraph long. I also apologize for how delirious I am whilst writing this post. I pulled an all-nighter, to finish this thing.

It took a long time due to the fact that all the parts were bought at Walmart... My beloved Home Depot was closed at 1:30am. I probably should have waited, but the I thought it would actually be more fun to only use random walmart products and make them work. Kind of a throwback to my childhood, when that was all I had to build with (e.g. Mom's Hairdryer, VHS tape rewinder, Old Blenders, Broken R/C cars... etc). The parts cost under $32

PARTS: 1x Plastic Folder Organizer (cut in half) and Cover, 16x Wooden Art and Crafts Dowel Rods, 2x Navy Blue Cloth Napkins, Duct tape, 12x Elbow Joints, 12x Cord couplers, 2x Plastic Pulleys, 8x Rubber Bands, 1x Dining hall take-out box, 2x CD cases, 1x piece of 20' rope; TOOLS USED: Electric Drill, Hot Glue Gun, Ladder, Dremel, X-acto, Soldering iron, Duct tape...

Due to questions about the rest of my room and about the Multitouch computer;
Yes, the 3 monitors, the 46" TV, and the Projector are all hooked-up to my computer... Which used to, but can no longer, run my Multitouch (KTY Box... Look at older posts)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Claremont Village Van

This project started as a CRAZY idea that came to me in the middle of MicroTheory class. I was getting tired of being the only one of my friends with a car, so I decided I wanted to get a free one. I searched craigslist, found a cargo van for $850 and then proposed an advertising opportunity to the local Claremont businesses: $100 per a square foot of advertising space on my new van. Suprisingly, within the first week we had over $4,000 in comitments. Soon those commitments turned into checks which turned into the sweetest cargo van of all time. The extra money was given to the Claremont Rugby team to help fund their trip to China. We spent a good amount of the money on fixing up the inside of the van, paying for the vinyl stickers for the ads, and stashing a few bucks away for gas money.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I have recently researched, designed, and constructed an infrared FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) Multitouch computer. If you have heard of the Microsoft Surface, then you probably know what this is. BUT, I added a little twist that Microsoft hasn't thought of yet... I think.

Here is the video I made:

Most people enjoy the part of the video that starts at around 3:24


Graffitti Art - Canvas Work

So, I enjoy art, but I have never taken any classes or done anything formal... I just dabble.

Here is my first big stencil piece ever done for a "client"... or just Kelly and Noel's mom. Anyways, she bought me these HUGE blank canvas and told me to do a family portrait. This thing took me almost all of winter break 2007-2008 to finish.

Here are some project stats -
74 hours of cutting,
39 layers of greyscale
26 hours of spraying
with 36 Cans of spray

Black on Black Photoshoot

Here is my only attempt at a photoshoot for the G35 coupe. Definitely one of my favorite pictures of the G.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Highschool Football

I guess these were my glory years back in high school and agruably the only reason I got into Pomona College. Entering D3 college level was suprisingly a little more difficult than Brentwood's beloved CIF Delphic league. I have been told that the best part is at the end... just kidding, that just what I think. Anyways, here is my first video production:


Some of the comments posted on the Youtube version are fairly ridiculous.
I believe that I am currently "being scouted by the Bengals". There are some other really good quotes.

Science Fair: Hovercraft

This is arguably the first independent project I ever attempted. It was a remote controlled, fully functional hovercraft. I will post pictures and videos when I find them. I won first place at the Los Angeles Science fair in 2003 for this.