Monday, April 26, 2010

KTY Projects: Creative Portfolio

VIDEO: "Kevin Yamazaki's KTY Box" 
For more info on the KTY Box project, click to my original post: Kevin Yamazaki's KTY Box

VIDEO: "Kevin Yamazaki's Dorm Room"
 A video of the five-day construction process of my 2-story dorm room at Pomona College.
 For more information on the 2-story Dorm Room project, read The Student Life newspaper article. To hide my identity from the administration, they used the pseudonym "Charles". Turns out, they already knew about it.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Projects from Fall Semester 2009

Here is a video of my dorm room for this year. The ceilings are high, Home Depot is close, and I like to build things, so....

More to come on this project; it's definitely one of my favorites. The whole room has evolved quite a bit since the pictures in the video were taken during the first month of school.

FALL SEMESTER ART: Portfolio for my Scripps class. Theme: Layering and Spray

Mostly paint, a little spray, and several layers. I think I changed my mind over 10 times on what I wanted to do with this.

It's me, thinking. sprayed and painted.

SNOWBOARD!!! I took my old snowboard, sanded it down (not fun at all), applied primer, painted, splattered, and sprayed it. I put several layers of gloss finish over the board. I still need to strap in my bindings and head to Mt High with this one.

This one is for my cousin Mariko, but it is still unfinished. I am going to finish it this semester, after I finish my other pieces.

Stacy, my sister, took this picture when I was back at the house to paint. Much better than being stuck in the studio at Scripps. I'll post the others when I find the pictures.