Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remote Control Home Theater Projector Mount (R.C.H.T.P.M.)

School has been keeping me pretty busy, but I managed to do a spontaneous mini project last night. I am, of course, in the middle of finals week, but there is always time for random creative inspiration between the hours of 1:30am and 8:00am.

I still had a couple linear actuators and an old broken car remote system laying around, so I decided to build a mount for my projector. My room is already capable of using half of north campus' energy (That is, if I left everything on, but I don't), so I didn't want to put up the projector unless I was doing something original with it. Sooooo, I finally got the idea to build my own Remote Control Home Theater Projector Mount (R.C.H.T.P.M.)... trust me, the original name was a paragraph long. I also apologize for how delirious I am whilst writing this post. I pulled an all-nighter, to finish this thing.

It took a long time due to the fact that all the parts were bought at Walmart... My beloved Home Depot was closed at 1:30am. I probably should have waited, but the I thought it would actually be more fun to only use random walmart products and make them work. Kind of a throwback to my childhood, when that was all I had to build with (e.g. Mom's Hairdryer, VHS tape rewinder, Old Blenders, Broken R/C cars... etc). The parts cost under $32

PARTS: 1x Plastic Folder Organizer (cut in half) and Cover, 16x Wooden Art and Crafts Dowel Rods, 2x Navy Blue Cloth Napkins, Duct tape, 12x Elbow Joints, 12x Cord couplers, 2x Plastic Pulleys, 8x Rubber Bands, 1x Dining hall take-out box, 2x CD cases, 1x piece of 20' rope; TOOLS USED: Electric Drill, Hot Glue Gun, Ladder, Dremel, X-acto, Soldering iron, Duct tape...

Due to questions about the rest of my room and about the Multitouch computer;
Yes, the 3 monitors, the 46" TV, and the Projector are all hooked-up to my computer... Which used to, but can no longer, run my Multitouch (KTY Box... Look at older posts)

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