Friday, May 16, 2008


I have recently researched, designed, and constructed an infrared FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) Multitouch computer. If you have heard of the Microsoft Surface, then you probably know what this is. BUT, I added a little twist that Microsoft hasn't thought of yet... I think.

Here is the video I made:

Most people enjoy the part of the video that starts at around 3:24



Francois said...

Hello Kevin,

I like to know how you made this K.T.Y. Box, and if you can give me detail explication on how to build one, I like to make one for myself.

Thank in Advance
Frankie D.

Brandon said...

Do you have a good resource to get me started on FTR?

emp733 said...

ran across this on reddit. i'm w/ francois and brandon... if you've got a minute and wouldn't mind, send me in the right direction on some of this.

if you aren't busy, i'd also be interested in just chatting w/ you. seems you're into all kinds of neat stuff...

Kevin Yamazaki said...

Hey guys, apparently I don't get notifications for comments left, but I would be happy to send you some of my original plans (mostly handwritten). My email address is

Garrett said...

I'd love to get a copy of those plans if you've got them handy. Also do you have a list of the programs / code you used in the demo? I've been kicking around seeing how hard it would be to setup FIR screen with Win 7 (to access it's native multi touch capabilities).

Stratis said...

Could I get what Garrett got?

The plans and software list? 8 )

This is really awesome.

icildir said...

Hello Kevin,

I must say the K.T.Y. Box is really awesome,

I like to know how you made this amazing "K.T.Y. Box", and if you can give me detail explanation(The plans and software list) on how to build one, I like to make one for myself.

Greeting from the Netherlands,

Thank in Advance
Ismail Cildir